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Sixx AM

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 14 of The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show.  The show went live at 19h00 on 8 April 2021.  We started with The Answer and a lame joke and ended with Mind Assault, a ridiculously good SA Metal outfit whose new album The Cult of Conflict is very worthwhile checking out.  In between that we heard some really great blues courtesy of Gary Moore, Dan Patlansky, and Roy Buchanan before switching to a healthy dose of 80’s Metal from Skid Row, Night Ranger and Ratt.  I am currently reading Nothing But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of ’80s Hard Rock by Tom Beaujour & Richard Bienstock so, you can expect plenty more 80’s metal over the next couple of weeks.  

We checked out Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, as we always do and there is also some ACDC, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, and Black Sabbath buried in here.  We dumbed down for Bloodhound Gang’s ‘ Ballad of Chasey Lain‘ and  Danko Jones and then slowed down for a while with ‘Plaza‘  by Cold Chisel, Ian Moss demonstrating once again what a brilliant guitarist he is.  We stayed slow for a ballad by LA Guns and then went to SA’s finest in the form of Johnathan Martin with ‘Highway to the Sun‘.  As always it was a jol, hope you enjoy it.  

Artists featured:  The Answer, the Four Horsemen, Thin Lizzy, Live, Gary Moore, Karen Zoid feat. Dan Patlansky, Black Sabbath, Axel Rudi Pell, Roy Buchanan, Thunder, Ratt, Night Ranger, Skid Row, Bloodhound Gang, Billy Joe Armstrong, Slipknot, Probot, ACDC, Nazareth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ruff Majik, Danko Jones, Sixx AM, Mötley Crüe, Stiff Little Fingers, The Smiths, Foo Fighters, Smith / Kotzen, Greta Van Fleet, Cold Chisel, LA Guns, Johnathan Martin, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Mr Big, Kiss, ZZ Top, Metallica, Mind Assault


Episode 13 did prove to be unlucky but it all got sorted out.  The show was scheduled to T-off at 7 pm on 1 April 2021 but forces conspired against the gods of rock in a technological April Fools on me.  Due to a scheduled system update, a key part of the software wasn’t there to let TSORR connect to Rebel Rock Radio.  I had to reboot everything and start again.  We got going at about 19h12 so the show has two endings, one to say cheers to actual live listenership and another to say cheers to you, awesome podcast people.

The show itself was very upbeat and very much a party theme going on.  We started with Boston and their track ‘Party‘  off Don’t Look Back, then we had ‘ Party Like Tomorrow is the End of The World‘  probably the only clean Steel Panther track ever recorded.  It’s a long weekend so personally, I was really looking forward to the fact that tomorrow was a holiday and it made the show a lot of fun.  It’s mostly upbeat and pretty punky actually, The new stuff Smith /Kotzen, Ricky Warwick, and Mammoth WVH is all spectacular and especially the Smith Kotzen album is well worth your money, check them out.  There was a nice quiet bit with Roan Ash and a song about his father and fathers in general, many of us are fortunate enough to have or have had fathers like this, tune into the words, it’s a very special song from an amazingly talented songwriter with a golden voice.  

Artists featured:  Boston, Steel Panther, Bernie Tormè, ACDC, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, Dave Hause, Kid Rock, Rage Against the Machine, Ricky Warwick, Smith / Kotzen, The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, Dead Kennedys, Guns ‘n’  Roses, John Mellencamp, Danko Jones, The Pretty reckless, Amanda Palmer, Hatebreed, W.A.S.P., System of a Down, Rammstein, James Reyne, Jimmy Barnes, Mammoth WVH, Twisted Sister, Roan Ash, Valiant Swart, Halford, Scorpions, Fleetwood Mac, Gov’t Mule, The Distillers, Iggy & the Stooges, Megadeth, Accept, Buckcherry, Marilyn Manson 

Alice Cooper

Fun and games with this episode, it went out live on 25 March 2021 at 19h00.  Straight out the blocks, there were problems with the station stream, I had no music playing as I prepared to patch into the schedule.  This led to a lot of unnecessary fault finding on my side.  Once the show started it came through but, on my intro, the microphone that was fine before the show suddenly didn’t work.  Fortunately, I realised that the iRig has a battery and that sorted out the problem.  We kicked off with Leslie West and ‘Nothing’s Changed‘ off his wonderful Unusual Suspects album.    Next up Ace Frehley with Cold Gin and Black Sabbath with Snowblind,  tales of the excesses of old school rockstars ;-).

There is a lot of new stuff out so we caught up with some of it, more of Alice Cooper’s latest Detroit Stories, Walking Papers’  The Light Below, and a track off the brand new Smith / Kotzen album which gets released about 8 hours after this show.  The highlight for me was the new Myles Kennedy track, album to be released in May, the pre-release single ‘Ides of March‘ is amazing, guitar work all over it, I think Myles is going to deliver an amazing album here.  

The show had a number of couplings two tracks about crying, two tracks by guys called Tom, two tracks called Hold On, the usual things we do.  I enjoyed the Punk part of the show, good to hear the Jam with Going Underground and a first time for Gary Numan.  As usual, we ran out of time.  

Artists featured:  Leslie West, Ace Frehley, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Motörhead, Michael Monroe, Chickenfoot, Jimmy Barnes, Alice Cooper, Texas Hippie Coalition, Audioslave, Seether, The Jam, Gary Numan, Sex Pistols, Warrior Soul, Machine Head, Guns ‘n’  Roses, Halestorm, Danko Jones, Live, 12th Avenue, The Color Blew, Myles Kennedy, Smith / Kotzen, Judas Priest. Walking Papers, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Tom Keifer, Kid Rock, Zakk Wylde, Dan Patlansky, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Badlands, Avenged Sevenfold.       


Episode 11 of season 4 aired on 18 March 2021 amidst national load shedding and general chaos from power outages.  It had an effect on the show with people having to drop out continually.  The broadcast itself wasn’t affected but it’s a real fucking pain.  

We had a mellow start for a change with Rainbow and ‘ Catch the Rainbow‘ and then followed with The Wizard, the 1972 classic from Uriah Heep.  After that, it got a bit rowdier with Q5 and Slash.  It was great to hear Tank and Savage, the two invoking some good early ’80’s NWOBHM memories.  We paid tribute to Brisbane as Brissie has overtaken everyone as the greatest supporters of TSORR.   I am deeply grateful for the support.  In deference, we played Airbourne and The Screaming Jets and then later we some Jimmy Barnes and The Lazy’s.  

From there we went all over the place from The Police to Kreator, Marianne Faithful to W.A.S.P, and then some SA rarities in the form of Kobus! and Blue Scream.  There was plenty of punk with Anti-Flags ‘Wake Up!’ and The Distillers with L.A. Girl, which makes it about 4 weeks in a row of the wonderful Brody Dalle.  There was a nice little bit of nostalgia where we took in 3 tracks from albums released in 2006, I had good memories of MTV days at between 4 and 6 in the morning.   The highlight for me was Rammstein with ‘Mehr‘ and Alice Cooper’s new track ‘Hanging By a Thread‘, I enjoyed the Little Steven track as well. 

Artists featured:  Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Q5, Kiss, Volbeat, Slash, Tank, Savage, Rammstein, Airbourne, The Screaming Jets, The Police, Marianne Faithful, Probot, Kreator, The Pretty Reckless, Lita Ford, Alice Cooper, Alice in Chains, Blue Scream, Kobus!, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, Anti-Flag, The Distillers, UK Subs, Guns ‘n’  Roses, We Are Harlot, Jimmy Barnes, The Lazy’s, W.A.S.P., Warrant, The Rolling Stones, Arch Enemy, Clutch, Little Steven, Tom Waits

Black Sabbath

S4E10 aired at 7 pm on 11 March 2021.  The show kicked off with Joe Bonamassa and a track called Bridge To Better Days which is something we should all be trying to build.   Breakdown by G ‘n’ R really went down well, one of those songs you really feel like listening to and it doesn’t disappoint.

There was plenty to get your teeth into, punk from UK Subs, Ramones and the Clash, classics from ACDC, Megadeth and Black Sabbath, metal from Parkway Drive, Iced Earth and Pantera, and South African stuff from LA Cobra, Deadline, Rasskopleef! and The Uninvited.  Raaskopleef! was a first not only for TSORR but for radio in general.  It’s a sort of cult band formed in Wellington in the Western Cape and this particular track called Elektrisiteit is a translation of Hunter S. Thompson‘s essay ‘ Electricity‘ .   Hearing Bon Jovi’s ‘You Give Love a Bad Name‘ again was great, it has been ages, great guitar work from Richie Sambora, no wonder they got so huge.  Other than that, a nice melancholy bit in the middle featuring Powderfinger, Hinder, Linkin Park, and Don Henley, and then we smashed it all up with ‘Crazy Bitch‘ by Buckcherry, good times indeed.  

Artists featured:  Joe Bonamassa, ACDC, Y&T, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, Disturbed, The Bloodhound Gang, Parkway Drive, Warren Haynes, Nirvana, Iced Earth, Megadeth, Bon Jovi, Tesla, The Clash, Ramones, UK Subs, Whitesnake, Desperado, LA Cobra, Deadline, Powderfinger, Hinder, Linkin Park, Don Henley, Buckcherry, The Dead Daisies, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Raaskopleef!, The Distillers, Black Sabbath, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pantera, The Uninvited

Ricky Warwick

Quick and easy, episode 9 went out between 7 and 10 pm on 4 March 2021.  it was pretty uneventful other than near the end when the wifi failed and I had to rest everything.  It only affected the live audience and the podcast is fine, it’s just an irritation that breaks the all-important rhythm.  I kicked off with Mr Big off their debut album and a track called ‘ Merciless‘, which showcases the amazing interaction between Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan.  Next up two Rick Rubin productions 25 years apart, ZZ Top with ” I Don’t Want To Lose, Lose You‘  and The Cult with ‘ King Contrary Man.  A highlight of the first third of the show was revisiting a band out of San Fransico called Hell Fire.  

I played a couple of new tracks from Ricky Warwick, vocalist from the Black Star Riders, and Todd La Torre, vocalist from Queensrÿche. Both albums are very strong, it’s been a good year for new releases so far.  Local stuff included Jasper Dan, The Burning & Piet Botha.  Punk was taken care of by The Distillers and Sex Pistols.  And then we had the usual classics by W.A.S.P., ACDC, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, The Rolling Stones, and Motörhead.  All in all a good mix of old, new, hard and soft, you should find something you dig amongst this lot.

Artists featured:  Mr Big, Scorpions, ZZ Top, The Cult, Wolfmother, Dio, Hell Fire, Jasper Dan, The Burning, Ricky Warwick, Todd La Torre, David Bowie, Ian Hunter, Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, Machine Head, ACDC, Aerosmith, Circus of Power, Motörhead, Sex Pistols, The Distillers, White Zombie, Buckcherry, Walking Papers, Iron Maiden, Kiss, W.A.S.P., Bulletboys, Van Halen, The Pretty Reckless, Metallica, Mercyful fate, Piet Botha, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, the Darkness.  

The Clash

Episode 8 of Season 4 aired at 7 pm on 25 Feb 2021.  I am very thankful to see the back of February, to be honest, it’s been a really crap month.  I was on my last 24 hours of Covid quarantine and I find this shit really affects my mood.  This show was a good bit of medicine for anyone who is feeling a bit down.  We got straight into it with System of A Down and a wonderful cover of Sabbath’s Snowblind‘ and no it’s not about the weather.  Next up we got into some ACDC and worked our way through some good up-tempo rock.  Ivan Ivankovic’s demonstrated once again what a great guitarist he is,  The Dead Daisies took care of some new stuff, and then we went all the way back to ’73 for a dose of The Rolling Stones off Goats Head Soup.  

We took in some metal nice and early in the form of Parkway Drive and let The Clash and The Stranglers do the UK Punk honours.  Stevie Ray Vaughan made a rare appearance with ‘Cold Shot‘and it was fitting to follow Stevie with one of the only guys who can play Stevie like Stevie, South Africa’s own Dan Patlansky.  

I felt the need to stick the knife into Coca-Cola after this week’s judgemental piece of wokeness and dedicated Fokofpolisiekars ‘Vernietig Jouself‘ to them.  Other than that it was business as usual, with a nice little 3-play near the end featuring  Johnny Thunders, Asylum Kids & Matthew Good Band.  

Artists featured:  System of a Down, Brides of Destruction, ACDC, Ivan Ivankovic, The Dead Daisies, The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Parkway Drive, The Clash, The Stranglers, Black Sabbath, Royal Blood, Megadeth, Dio, Accept, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dan Patlansky, The Gaslight Anthem, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Killswitch Engage, Those Damn Crows, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Van Halen, Airbourne, Austin Gold, Gov’t Mule, Pearl Jam, Fokofpolisiekar, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, The Pretty Reckless, Johnny Thunders, Asylum Kids, Matthew Good Band, Arch Enemy, Michael Schenker Group, Live.  


Episode 7 of Season 4 aired at 7 pm on 18 February 2021.  It kicked off with Badlands and ‘High Wire‘ off their stunning debut album released in 1989,  Jake E. Lee on guitar, and what an amazing job he did.  He should possibly rethink his Red Dragon Cartel and establish a solid blues-rock outfit like Badlands again.  Just my view :-).  We followed that with Whitesnake, Doug Aldrich, and Reb Beach on guitar and Doug Aldrich featured again later when we took a listen to the brand new Dead Daisies with Glenn Hughes on vocals. 

2021 is kicking off with some good new releases, other than the Dead Daisies there is a new Michael Schenker Group and a new The Pretty Reckless.  The MSG is getting excellent reviews from the rock press and The Pretty Reckless is getting rave reviews from me.  The track played off the new Pretty Reckless was ‘And So It Went‘ featuring Tom Morello.  We stayed with Tom and caught ‘Exploder‘ by Audioslave. Last week’s dabble into prog continued with some more Porcupine Tree and Forty Six & 2 by Tool.  

You should find a lot to get your teeth into.  Later in the show, I did alert listeners to the fact that I am on Day 3 of testing positive for Covid as it explained a few glaring balls-ups. I have left the show as it is in the interest of accuracy.  There are one or two long pauses and memory lapses that can only be attributed to what I call Covid brain.  If you have had it you will know.  I found a few instances where the song ended and for a few seconds I couldn’t remember how to play the next one.  I am sure that next week’s show will be a bit sharper.  

Artists featured:  Badlands, Whitesnake, King Kobra, Extreme, Foghat, Cold Chisel, Rose Tattoo, Stiff Little Fingers, The Stranglers, W.A.S.P., Skid Row, Onslaught, U.D.O, The Temperance Movement, Porcupine Tree, Tool, The Pretty Reckless, Audioslave, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Motor Sister, Michael Schenker Group, Rainbow, Dead Daisies, The Lazys, Asylum Kids, Sugar DriveRuff Majik, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, John Mellencamp, Chickenfoot, Adrenaline Mob, Lita Ford, Kid Rock, Led Zeppelin, Rammstein, Joe Satriani.  


This show was tough, it went out on 11 Feb 2021 at 7 pm and I had just returned from an overseas trip and was running on very little sleep.  It was put together very quickly and started off fittingly with Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town‘.  After that it was a few more from the 70’s in the form of ACDC and Bad Company and we were off into the usual TSORR fare.

A highlight for me was Porcupine Tree’s Radioactive Toy, Steven Wilson at his best in my opinion.  I also enjoyed the contrast of going from Mastodon to Neil Young.   While overseas I saw a most interesting documentary about Suzi Quatro so we listened to her and also to Lita Ford as I have just finished her book Living Like a Runaway.  There is some hectic stuff in that book.  My view of Tony Iommi took a hit I have to say.   I played a track off the new Foo Fighters and another off Too mean to Die, Accepts’ latest album. 

All in all, it was a bit different to normal, no SA stuff at all which is a first and only one Aussie band.  This wasn’t planned, I just didn’t get a chance to review the show before I went on air so I will fix that next week.  

Artists featured:  Thin Lizzy, ACDC, Bad Company, Adrenaline Mob, Royal Blood, Voices of Extreme, Great White, Slaughter, UFO, Desperado, Marilyn Manson, Halestorm, Lita Ford, The Raven Age, Suzi Quatro, The Sweet, Mastodon, Neil Young, David Bowie, The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, Porcupine Tree, Alice in Chains, Shinedown, Kiss, Five Finger Death Punch, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, White Wizzard, Night Ranger, Accept, Foo Fighters, Nashville Pussy, Volbeat, Barry McGuire

Greta van Fleet

Details of this episode to follow once I get back to South Africa, but I don’t want to disappoint anyone who is expecting it to drop on Friday morning.

Artists featured:  Wolf, ACDC, Cirith Ungol, Five Finger Death Punch, Aerosmith, Bullets & Octane, Burn Halo, Skid Row, The Screaming Jets, Jimmy Barnes, Airbourne, Joe Bonamassa, Stone Temple Pilots, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Santana, Thundermother, Saraya, Tom Petty, Trivium, The Gaslight Anthem, Slash feat. Kid Rock, Accept, Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet, Quiet Riot, Riot, Slayer, The Parlotones, Scorpions, Coheed & Cambria, Jethro Tull, Def Leppard, The Pretty Reckless, The Distillers, Jerry Cantrell, Billy Idol, Black Bone Nation, Warrior Soul

All Them Witches

Hard to believe we are already 4 episodes into 2021, time flies when you are having fun.  This episode aired on 28 Jan 2021 at 7 pm so that’s January in its poes :-).  We kicked off with ‘Ride the Monkey‘ by Burning Rain and followed it with Sister Sin out of Gothenburg.  That got the lesser-known stuff out and on your airwaves and then we hit the ACDC and some W.A.S.P.  It was one of those shows where I wasn’t getting any flow but then record-breaking numbers started tuning in and everything fell into place.  

Highlights for me included rediscovering Bon Jovi’s ‘Wild As The Wind‘ and taking a listen to Body Counts ‘Institutionalized 2014′, not everyone’s cup of tea but the lyrics are hilarious and if you’ve ever lost your e-mail password you’ll relate.  The back to back Pantera to Sepultura worked for me and then The Cult with Heart of soul was like soothing water.  Another highlight was Dog detachment with ‘The Last Laugh‘ what a song, the Armstrong brothers got that one right.  We also celebrated the discovery that uber rock chick Brody Dalle is single.  Black Label Society as always, ratchets up exponentially when Zakk hits the solo, what a player.  And speaking of players, Satriani in Chickenfoot is in a class of his own.  

Artists featured:  Burning Rain, Sister Sin, ACDC, W.A.S.P. Edguy, Live, The White Stripes, The Color Blew, Mark Haze, Pantera, Sepultura, The Cult, Tesla, Gary Moore, Mötley Crüe, Ruff Majik, All Them Witches, The Distillers, the Wildhearts, Iron Maiden, Stiff Little Fingers, The Boomtown Rats, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dog Detachment, Black Label Society, The Diamond Dogs, Massive Wagons, Chickenfoot, Megadeth, Body Count, Staind, The Answer, Bon Jovi, Rush, Sugardrive, Nazareth, Rory Gallagher.    


The thoroughly enjoyable Episode 3 of season 4 went out live at 7 pm on the 21st of January 2021.  It was great right from the start, there were plenty of people tuned in and from Boston’s opening track ‘Don’t Look Back’ all the way through to Parkway Drive it was a cracker.  A listener highlighted the fact that at 21h21 we would be 21 hours, 21 minutes, 21 seconds of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.  That created some pressure to find a suitable song to play at the time.  Even more so because before I found this out I had already played Green Day’s 21 Guns which would have been good.   

We ran through a lot of 80’s metal;  Ratt, Mr Big, Skid Row, Lita Ford, Tygers of Pan Tang, Slaughter, and Keel and we checked out 70s giants The Sweet and the inimitable Ted Nugent.  The punk section was covered by the Sex Pistols and The Stranglers and Aussies were represented by Wolfmother, Cold Chisel, and The Lazys.  Special mention here for Cold Chisel, I played Bal-A-Versailles and the feedback was instant, “what a great track”!  Usually, I will get a comment about a song but literally, immediately, 4 comments came in about it.  Another crowd-pleaser was SA’s own The Black Cat Bones with ‘Don’t Wake the Scarecrow‘, again, to all-round approval, it’s a song that raises goosebumps every time.   

Other than that we checked out the remarkable rebranding and rebuilding of the career of Ron Keel and we sorted out the 21 hours, minutes, and seconds thing by being able to say that at the exact time we were listening to The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show and being blasted by a suitable bit of metal which was fitting in many ways.   

Artists featured:  Boston, ACDC, Godsmack, Ratt, Mr Big, The Sweet, Hinder, Paragon, Green Day, The Rolling Stones, System of a Down, Skid Row, Lita Ford, Halestorm, Sex Pistols, The Stranglers, Wolfmother, Cold Chisel, The Lazys, Ted Nugent, Static-X, Seether, Black Star Riders, Mustasch, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, John Cougar, Metallica, Tygers on Pan Tang, Avenged Sevenfold, Rammstein, Machine Head, Slaughter, Aking, The Diamond Dogs, The Black Cat Bones, Keel, Ron Keel Band, Parkway Drive

Cold Chisel

Episode 2 of season 4 aired on 14 January 2021.  I really enjoyed this show, it was a breeze, maybe because for the first time ever we didn’t start with a bang.  The chilled sounds of Cold Chisel’s ‘Way Down‘ off The Last wave of Summer  was long a long pull of a cold beer after a hard day.  After that, it was all guns blazing for a while.  We checked out Texas Hippie Coalition, then some Thundermother, my current favorite all-girl rockers, and then it was off to the classics with deep purple and ‘Highway Star‘.

It felt like a really good mix of lesser-known bands with the megastars, we had big names like Rammstein, Megadeth, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, and ZZ Top along with Newsted, Massive Wagons, Adrenaline Mob, Hatebreed, Phil Campbell, and The Hitchers.  Highlights for me were the bit of reminiscence with Rose Tattoo and Guns ‘n’ Roses as well as celebrating my current love affair with Parkway drive.  Check out Viva The Underdogs it is a spectacular documentary.  

For some reason it was a very Aussie heavy show, we hit 6 Aussie bands, Cold Chisel, Rose Tattoo, The Screaming Jets (that was fun, I played F.R.C. which I doubt gets a lot of radio play 🙂 ) The Lazys, Parkway Drive, and of course ACDC.  SA was represented by The Diamond Dogs and the amazing Johnathan Martin off his The Infinite Highway album.  All in all a great show.  

Artists Featured:  Cold Chisel, Texas Hippie Coalition, Thundermother, Deep Purple, Mötley Crüe, Halford, Newsted, Massive Wagons, Phil Campbell, Mötorhead, Rammstein, Alter Bridge, Badlands, The Hitchers, Sex Pistols, Rose Tattoo, Guns ‘n’ Roses, The Screaming Jets, the Lazys, Ramones, Hatebreed, Led Zeppelin, Joe Bonamassa, Dan Patlansky, The Diamond Dogs, Johnathan Martin, Parkway Drive, ACDC, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Adrenaline Mob, Saxon, Megadeth, Mercyful fate, Billy Squier, Chickenfoot & The Uninvited.  

Jasper Dan

Welcome to Season 4 of The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show.  Episode one kicked off live at 7 pm on 7 Jan 2021.  It was a great episode, a lot of regular listeners who had missed the show over the festive season were back and that always leads to some good energy.  We kicked off with Axel Rudi Pell and a track called ‘Gunfire’.  That was followed closely by Bad Company and a track called ‘Walk Through Fire’.  The point was made that this is the Brian Howe version of Bad Company and a surprising amount of people don’t know the post-Paul Rodgers material.   

We spent a bit of time around 1990 – 1993 with L.A. Guns, Dangerous Toys, and Aerosmith and then took in some classic ACDC and Rammstein before checking out some Shinedown by request and some vintage Soundgarden.  Newish stuff was covered in the form of Burning Witches, 5 ladies out of Switzerland, and Voice of Extreme from their 2018 album Mach III.

 Highlights for me were listening to Metallica’s ‘The Day That Never Comes’ and Megadeth with ‘This Was My Life’.  Megadeth are soon to feature on the Rock Review so watch out for that.  Local rock was ably taken care of by Jasper Dan, The Burning, and L.A. CobraCold Chisel and Airbourne were the Aussie representatives and for the rest, it was a pretty even mix of UK and USA bands.  I have rediscovered The Wild Life by Slaughter, which went down well as did the wonderful contrast between Testament and Dire Straits.  I am also really digging Thundermother.   

Artists featured:  Axel Rudi Pell, Bad Company, Dangerous Toys, Brides of Destruction, L.A. Guns, Aerosmith, ACDC, Rammstein, Burning witches, Voices of Extreme, Shinedown, Soundgarden, The Offspring, The Sex Pistols, The Professionals, Thundermother, Airbourne, Cold Chisel, Accept, Bullet Boys, Armored Saint, Joe Satriani, Iron Maiden, Testament, Dire Straits, Jasper Dan, The Burning, L.A. Cobra, Metallica, Megadeth, Keel, Night ranger, Slaughter, Black Sabbath, Michael Schenker Group, Biters, Scorpions, My Chemical Romance, Francois Van Coke.