Beast And The Harlot

Avenged Sevenfold

It’s weird how many haters this band have.  I keep thinking that the guys who hate them must just not understand guitar at all.  The twin leads of Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance are as good as any of the celebrated world class guitar partnerships Tipton + Downing, Murray + Smith, Gorham + Robertson, they really work well together.  It’s even more eye catching because Zacky is a lefty so the visual impact of them standing back to back shredding it out is amazing.  To get a really good idea of how great AX7 are watch the Live in the LBC video it is amazing.  I remember starting to watch and after about 3 min calling up to Tiya to come and watch this shit.  The two of us were instantly hooked and life long AX7 fans from then on.  I have seen them live at Rock Im Park and they were the best band there.  They really have moved into the upper echelons of metal and now rank right up there with the mega bands that headline stadiums.  there are no weak links in the band, M. Shadows is a great front man he’s got the power, he’s got the range and he’s got the look.  The sad part was the loss of their drummer Jimmy ”The Rev” Sullivan in Dec 2009 and that knocked them hard because they were a band of brothers from High School days in Huntington Beach and he was obviously a big part of what they do.  There have been a number of more than sufficient replacements but in the interviews you can see they miss the chemistry.  Just ask Jason Newsted how hard it is to replace a guy who was part of a band from day 1.

I didn’t realise how many good AX7 video’s are out there. They are all extremely entertaining, this one is pretty typical and it’s great. The really great part is at [1:25] to [2:00] where Syn and Zacky cut loose. If you check the blog page and look at AX7: How to break your own ribs you will see one of their finest songs ever. If it wasn’t already on the blog it would be here. The good thing with AX7 is that they have kept evolving and every album has something new to offer. I can’t praise the mighty Avenged Sevenfold Highly enough, they are fantastic and the haters can get fucked. If you don’t get it then it’s not fucking for you, don’t listen to them then but I don’t want to hear about it 🙂