Rock Reviews

Neil Young
Neil Young is very special to me.  He’s a love him or hate him artist.  If you love him you are in the right place.  Attempting to review Neil Young in 60 minutes is as the Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus once said “It is possible and it is not possible”. The Story of Rock and Roll. TSORR – Your one-stop shop for Rock
Find out why In Flames was such an important band for me and how the Gothenburg sound shaped everything going forward in my Metal world.  Known amongst those who know as Johnny’s Gift, In Flames was the gateway band to 21st-century metal.   This 60 min rock review takes you through most of the albums and provides a good all-round introduction to the band for new comers and a blistering reminder of their greatness for everyone else.  . The Story of Rock and Roll. TSORR – Your one-stop shop for Rock
This Rock Review on My Chemical Romance focuses on why the band is so special to its legions of followers.   Formed in 2001 a few weeks after 9/11 MCR went on to sell millions of albums in a short 12-year career.  Seldom has a band had such an impact on its fans; hear how My Chem affected people’s lives and what they consider special about them.  This Rock Review features songs from the band’s four full-length studio albums and showcases some of their best tracks. The Story of Rock and Roll. TSORR – Your one-stop shop for Rock
Phil Lynott-thin-lizzy
Another in Rock Review for you, this one on Ireland’s finest band, Thin Lizzy.  The review picks up from the Gorham Robertson years and give you a super fast 60 min run through of all the essential material.  If this hits the spot then I suggest go deeper, there is plenty of material for a deep dive into this fantasic band. The Story of Rock and Roll. TSORR – Your one-stop shop for Rock

This was one of the most enjoyable Rock Reviews I have done.  It was made in a hurry due to some work pressure and it is all the better for it.  You could say I did Rush in a rush.  The beauty of Rock Review is that it often leads to a bit of an obsession with the band for a while, in this case, it worked and I am seriously Rush befok at the moment.  Check it out.  

Foo Fighters
The Story of Rock and Roll marks the sad passing of Foo Fighters legend Taylor Hawkins with the posting of a Foo Fighters Rock Review recorded a while back.  To Dave, Pat, Chris and Nate, so sorry guys, the world lost an amazing musician.  Tribute to Taylor, we miss you man 🙁
Rock Review Zakk Wylde

Due to popular demand here is the Zakk Wylde Rock Review that aired on Rebel Rock Radio on 19 Oct 2021.  It was a good look at his work with Ozzy, Black Label Society and his solo stuff.  As always 60 min is a stretch but I think we did the big man justice.  

Avenged Sevenfold
Here’s a fairly recent Rock Review, it aired on Rebel Rock radio on 30 Nov 2021 and it went down really well.  AX7 is one of those bands that you need to spend a bit of time on, once you get it you really get it.  This RR focused on giving you a broad introduction to this most excellent band.

Here is the Rock Review on ACDC that aired on Rebel Rock Radio on 7 and 9 Sept 2021.

Jack Hammer

This Rock review is on SA legend Piet Botha and his band Jack Hammer.  Piet passed away on 2 June 2019 and he is loved and remembered by a legion of rock fans in SA and around the world.  Some of the happiest times of my life were spent watching Jack Hammer and experiencing the magic of Piet Botha and his incredible songs.

This Rock Review went out on 17 and 19 August 2021 and due to popular demand, it is included here so that those who missed it can kick back for an hour and experience the music of Piet Botha and Jack Hammer.

ZZ Top

I was sad to hear of the passing of Dusty Hill on 29 July 2021.  I was expecting a new album so the news that he had died in his sleep at the age of 72 came as a surprise.  Here is the Rock Review I did of ZZ Top about 6 months back.  Check it out and pay extra special attention to the bass guitar.  Adios and RIP Dusty, you are already missed.

David Bowie

This Rock Review went out live on Rebel Rock Radio on 27 and 29 July 2021.   As always in 60 minutes it barely scratched the surface, it does, however, scratch a very rich vein.  Bowie was amazing, he was unique and I am grateful to have had his music during very important phases of my life.  


Here is another Rock Review, this one went out on 6 July 2021 and gives a quick overview of Ozzy and his awesome guitarists.  As always with the Rock Review it is impossible to do justice to an artist like this in an hour but its a good snap-shot. 


Another quick little Festive Season Bonus.  Here is the Metallica Rock Review that I did for Rebel Rock Radio at the tail end of 2020


Here’s a little bonus for frequent listeners of The Story of Rock and Roll.  The Rock Review is a feature I present monthly on day time radio for Rebel Rock Radio.  The RRR presenters take turns to pick an artist and then present a quick one-hour overview of that artist every week which means my turn comes round once a month.

My first one was The Stranglers, then Van Halen (before Eddie passed away), Queensrÿche, and Iron Maiden.  Here’s the Iron Maiden Rock Review and if it gets some interest I’ll put up the others.

It’s a lot of fun, see what you think.  Feedback welcome, find me on The Story of Rock and Roll Facebook page.