Rock Reviews


Here is another Rock Review, this one went out on 6 July 2021 and gives a quick overview of Ozzy and his awesome guitarists.  As always with the Rock Review it is impossible to do justice to an artist like this in an hour but its a good snap-shot. 


Another quick little Festive Season Bonus.  Here is the Metallica Rock Review that I did for Rebel Rock Radio at the tail end of 2020


Here’s a little bonus for frequent listeners of The Story of Rock and Roll.  The Rock Review is a feature I present monthly on day time radio for Rebel Rock Radio.  The RRR presenters take turns to pick an artist and then present a quick one-hour overview of that artist every week which means my turn comes round once a month.

My first one was The Stranglers, then Van Halen (before Eddie passed away), Queensrÿche, and Iron Maiden.  Here’s the Iron Maiden Rock Review and if it gets some interest I’ll put up the others.

It’s a lot of fun, see what you think.  Feedback welcome, find me on The Story of Rock and Roll Facebook page.