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Hi there! Welcome to the second edition of The Story of Rock and Roll newsletter.  We are starting to get a bit of traction now; the mailing list is growing, and the content is being fine-tuned to cut the crap and focus on giving you good content as quickly as possible. 

Don’t forget that The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show airs every Thursday on Rebel Rock Radio from [7:00]-[10:00] PM South African time and there’s also a shorter power hour version on Bulldogs Radio every Friday from [6:00]-[7:00] PM. You can catch the live broadcasts on and, respectively.  The three-hour show is also available as a podcast on most popular podcast sites, including Apple, and Google, or get it here


The Bulldogs version of The Story of Rock and Roll Radio has been rebranded as Bulldogs TSORR Turbo.  This is because the show is three times quicker than the long-form version that broadcasts live on Rebel Rock Radio  The 3-hour show goes a lot deeper and is completely uncensored whereas TSORR Turbo is just kick ass rock and roll without the humour or depth.    Both shows were plagued by load shedding through December and half of January because the Telcom tower stops working the moment load shedding starts.  The Telcom guys wanted to see me about it after I laid a complaint. For some reason, they figured that if the Wi-Fi works and then the minute load shedding kicks in the Wi-Fi goes out and only returns when the power comes back on, then problem is with my setup at home.  You can’t make this up.  No wonder they are going bankrupt.  Anyway, the fibre is up and running and this has made a massive difference to the quality of the live signal.   

TSORR was available on Spotify a couple of years ago and was doing really well.  Sadly, for me it was discontinued because I do not ‘own the content’.  Clearly, everybody making playlists owns the content, not sure what I am missing here.  Anyway, because the podcasts are no longer on Spotify, but many listeners are, I put together a TSORR Classic Tracks 10-song playlist to satisfy Spotify junkies.    

Shortly after this was launched Genius Boy struck and I have now put together a distillation of the four episodes that aired this month.  It is ideal for putting on loudly in the car.  You may have received this earlier but for new subscribers here is the link for Best of January. 

TSORR – Best of Feb 2023 will be emailed to all subscribers and then posted on social media a week later.  If you listened to the podcast during the month, you would know the story behind the songs selected.

In other news I started a new feature for Season 6 is called The Immortals.  These are songs over 7-minute long that are largely seen as the finest examples of a band’s work.  Although they are without doubt true candidates for The Immortals I am not suggesting Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody, mainly because they are so overplayed but Led Zeppelin’s ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ or ‘The Rain Song’ or Queen with ‘The Prophets Song’ are typical examples.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for The Immortals.

 So far, we have heard The Rolling Stones with ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’, Bowie with ‘The Width of a Circle’ and Deep Purple with ‘Child in Time’.    

The death of Jeff Beck on 12 Jan 2023 would definitely be considered a lowlight of the year so far.  Jeff was the guitarists’ guitarist, widely acknowledged by his peers as among the best who ever lived.  Jeff passed away after contracting bacterial meningitis.  Johnny Depp was at his bedside, the two had worked closely together over the last few years and were on tour together in November before Jeff’s health deteriorated rapidly after being infected.  It boggles the mind that such a thing could happen in this day and age.  RIP Jeff, you leave a big hole in the guitar world.    

Jeff Beck & Johhny Depp


January was not a huge month for new music, the main highlight for new stuff was the release of another track off Metallica’s 72 Seasons called ‘Screaming Suicide’.  Celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind was great, it has not aged at all. 

72 Seasons -Metallica

Another highlight was revisiting Deangersmith’s ‘Buckle My Shoe’ which is even more powerful today than when I heard it during the pandemic.  The facts about Covid and government overreach are starting to emerge thanks to Elon’s changes at Twitter and Dean Smith was smack on with this track off his Lead Me To Your Taker (Disarm the Corrupt) album released in 2021.  Thanks to fellow Rebel Rock Presenter Tinus Nel I was able to play Dino Jelusic’s brand new track ‘Healer’.  Fresh off the Whitesnake Tour and victorious in his battle with ex-label New Frontiers, Dino is firing on all cylinders. 

I found a live album from The Distillers recorded in 2021 and called Live in Lockdown.  It is an absolute gem and so well recorded.  Brody Dalle is in top form and for a live album from a Punk band is it really tight.  The Distillers are sounding the best they have ever sounded I think, judge for yourself with this track.    

The Distillers Live in Lockdown

Obituary released a new album titled Dying of Everything, we took a listen, and it is super heavy as to be expected. 

Obituary Latest Album

Another discovery last month was the latest Bush album released in 2022.  It didn’t grab me on first listen and with too much going on wrapping up the 2022 albums of the year The Art of Survival was a bridge too far.  I have since, as Zuma would say, ‘listened properly’ and it is really good (S6E3).

The art of survival

Laura Cox has had a lot of airplay and Doll Skin, a US all girl Punk band with seriously great Alex Snowden on guitar got a debut on S6E3.  TSORR as always, totally on top of everything, discovered Doll Skin and raved about them on a show in the same month that they officially announce their breakup.

laura cox
Alex Snowden Dollskin

I also squeezed in the title track of the brand-new Black Star Riders called Wrong Side of Paradise.  Expect more Black Star Riders in the next TSORR Newsletter. 


Lyrics are hugely important to the music.  I came from a generation that would buy an album, race home with it, often on a bicycle or walking, and with almost religious fervour put the needle on the record.  Then it was time to lie back on the bed or the floor with the lyric sheet on the inner sleeve.  It was always such a letdown when an album didn’t have the words and one of the reasons why I bought so many export albums.  Local albums frequently had a blank inner sleeve with a print of a cassette tape and the words “Home Taping is Killing Music”, I saw it as being punished for doing the right thing.  Instead of slapping it on blank cassettes they ruined the lyric experience for the guys buying the albums by printing that instead of the lyrics.  The reason I know all the words off by heart to albums like Bowies’ The Man Who Sold The World, The Boomtown RatsThe Fine Art of Surfacing, everything off the Blue Beatles album, and Springsteen’s Nebraska is because of this delightful packaging innovation that someone at a record company decided to do.  So, whose bright idea was it?

According to Chat GPT:

“The origin of song lyrics being printed on the inner sleeve of albums dates back to the early days of vinyl record albums. In the past, album covers were often made of paper or cardboard, and they were not always large enough to include the lyrics to all of the songs on the album. As a result, record companies began including a separate sheet of paper with the lyrics to all of the songs on the album, which was placed inside the album cover. This sheet, known as the inner sleeve, became a standard feature of vinyl albums and has continued to be used for CDs and other physical formats as well”.

Here are some lyrics that I commented on in various episodes:


On the beach I’m called a Parra
In the West I’m a fast, young fool
In the church I’m irresponsible
In the clubs I’m called uncool
Well youth is my advantage
Anonymity my reward
While the world’s being measured for a uniform
It’s my luxury to be ignored
                                                                                                        Cold Chisel (Don Walker): 2011 

My Hometown

They’re closing down the textile mill across the railroad tracks.
Foreman says “These jobs are going, boys.
And they ain’t coming back.
To your hometown
                                                                                                Bruce Springsteen: 1984 


It has been thin pickings.  Deadline have released a great new track called ‘Cult of Prometheus’ which is awesome.  I debuted it on Bulldogs Radio on 13 Jan and then on Rebel Rock on 19 Jan.  According to Deadline front man Jessie Switchblade, the man responsible for vocals and general mayhem, the track hit over 10 000 streams in the first week.  Thanks to Devo Dave Oosthuizen for sending me this.  Dave is tireless in his quest to promote awesome SA music.  Without him, you wouldn’t hear half as many great SA bands on TSORR.    

Infentaria Patriach
Dan Patlansky Shelter of Bones
Technical difficulties Diverted disorder
no gods have mercy-kill frenzy

We also continued the love affair with Patriarch, the stellar 2022 release from Cape Town Thrash kings Infanteria.  This album is world class check it out if you haven’t already.  Listen to the podcast of S6E3 and a killer track called ‘Repeat Through Orders You Seek’.  Man As Machine and Dan Patlansky got a look in on S6E1 and on S6E4 we had a serious Metal moment with a band out of Cape Town called Kill Frenzy, this 3 piece with the tagline Anger, Violence, Hatred blew out the cobwebs with a track called ‘Blood For Blood.  Check them out here  They have released a video for ‘No Gods Have Mercy’, it is reminiscent of ACDC in the Jailbreak ’74  video in that the band are the main actors.  They do a wonderful job, check it out: 

We also listened to another track off Diverted Disorders Technical Difficulties album and a track called ‘Lost Souls on Elgin Road’.  Listen to is on S6E4.

CHEERS @#$%’s

I hope you enjoyed the third TSORR monthly newsletter, let me know how we can improve.  If you’d like to stay up to date with all things TSORR be sure to join the mailing list.  As mentioned last month, I’m really interested in getting to know you all and building a closer community of rock and metal lovers.  If you would like to introduce yourself, feel free to drop me a message on The Story of Rock and Roll Facebook page or via email at

Best regards and take care



Classic Rock (2019).  Rolling Stones.  Issue 269 pp 44.