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Tommy Thayer
Ash Newell / CC BY-SA

It was announced a few weeks back that KISS will be coming to SA in July 2020. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to interview lead guitarist Tommy Thayer. It was actually my first ever radio interview so I am very proud to have started off by talking to him, nice to start in the deep end 🙂

What an amazing guy. Tommy has actually been the longest running lead guitarist, he’s been in Kiss for 17 years. Ace did 9 and then came back 14 years later for another 6 and Bruce Kulick was there for 12. Tommy got involved with KISS in 1994 and officially came on board as lead guitarist in 2002. We covered a lot ground in 15 min

I started by taking Tommy back to his earlier bands Black ‘n’ Blue and Shake the Faith and asked him about working with Jimmy Barnes and how he got Hunter S. Thompson to do an album cover. We chatted about the Johannesburg gig on 25 July 2020 and I asked what we can expect at that show.

Time flew I had a lot more to ask him but management intervened and gave me one last question and then it was over. What a great experience, very grateful to Tommy and the Kiss organisation for making the time to talk to me.

The Burning

Here is an interview with East rand heavyweights The Burning. I was privileged to get Steve and Glenn into the studio to discuss their new album Headed To Hell. Bands like The Burning have been keeping SA Rock alive for years, take a listen to the interview and check out 4 songs off the album. It’s available on all platforms and you can get the details in the interview.