What’s so special about the Boomtown Rats ?

I am not a big one for Video Clips that are just like slideshows with the music in the background but I will make an exception for two reasons. The first reason is that this is the first time i am using this Blog properly and so I have to check how it all works. The second reason is that my daughter has fallen in love with the Boomtown Rats because of this website and we are now completely mentally connected over just how good the Fine Art of Surfacing was as an album. It is really essential listening.

The trick with the Boomtown Rats is to listen to how they bring guitar, bass, keyboards, voice, backing harmonies and yes, even drums, into the song in an amazing way. The songs are so loaded with hooks that it is possible to sing along to every little bit. There is always a fill or a riff or a drum roll that has been put in to keep it interesting. Listen to what each instrument is doing individually it is the best example of synergy going.