Rammstein Feuer Frei


Rammstein will always be a big favourite of mine, they are just so different to everyone else.  Somehow they manage to make it really heavy but still have all these weedy keyboard fills in there.  Obviously it helps that you have a baritone Till Lindemann growling through everything in German but somehow it just seems extraordinarily heavy.  They are also very, very strange and the subject matter covers everything from all types of sex to cannibalism.  It is quite easy to get a bit uncomfortable when you are watching Rammstein video’s, a feeling of ”what the fuck is all this about”.   Add all the flamethrowers and pyrotechnics into the mix and you have a fantastic band that are amazing to watch and to listen to.

There are so many good Rammstein video’s to choose from and the video collection Videos 1995 – 2012 is a stunning piece of work. It has a lot of the making of the video scenes and that on it’s own is really interesting. We’ll go with Feuer Frei just because its got a lot of energy and gives a bit of live footage but honestly you can watch any Rammstein video and be entertained. I had the pleasure of seeing tem live in about 2010 at the Coca-Cola dome and it was phenomenal. They don’t have any video screens and unless you know German you don’t know what they are singing about so in theory you can’t see them properly and you can’t understand them properly but they are still one of the best live shows I have ever been to because hearing them and feeling the heat from all the pyro more than makes up for the seeing / understanding bit.