Avenged Sevenfold: ‘Afterlife’ the new funeral walk out song

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I absolutely love this video, it has so many wonderful bits in it that just show how cool AX7 are. there is all the stick twirling that the Rev does at [0.19] and [0.33] which will always be the coolest drummer move, then there is the quick bit at [0.42] where Zakky anti-gravs his guitar for a second. At around [2.52] Syn just grins and cocks a thumb to his buddy who is lost in his guitar piece as if you say ”Isn’t my partner just the best”. Finally there is the awesome end to the solo where Syn anti-gravs the guitar holding the whammy bar and completely controls the note while the guitar is floating past him. These guys know it’s those little moves that count and they have mastered them better than any other band.

As far as funerals go my view is that everyone needs a walk-in song and a walk-out song. The walk- out song is where everyone just lets go and smiles because you were wonderful and the song makes them happy for you. I always had AC/DC ‘Hells Bells’ as the walk-in and Motorhead ‘Rock’n’ Roll’ as the walk-out. Due to some inspired choices like my good friend Richard’s decision to use Led Zep’s ‘Ramble-On’ as a walk-out I have had to up my game. So for the moment this AX7 ‘Afterlife’ track is my walk-out song.