ZZ Top: How to move on when you are sad

This song is the one to use if you are just down and out and going through a big break up. You can listen to it 20 or 30 times and then you have to just ”Get up and Get over” him or her. So that is all well and good but the real reason this is here is because at [2.14] Billy Gibbons just does the most amazing heartfelt emotional guitar solo that is so simple but so effective. Billy is just one of those guys, Dave Gilmore is the same, who play with so much feeling that you just can’t copy it. It’s all in the phrasing and the bends, they know when to play and when to leave space. I never tire of listening to solo’s like this.

I had a video for this but it was taken down so rather than lose the sentiment just take a listen to the audio clip and listen to that solo…. seriously.