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Stiff Little Fingers

”When I heard Inflammable Material my brain once again exploded.  This album was twice as fast and twice as aggressive as any other punk album and Jake Burn’s voice was like a hot glass – he didn’t sing he shouted, and when he shouted he shouted about how pissed off he was about everything around him.”  The Story of Rock and Roll – James Daubeney

Stiff Little Fingers to my mind epitomised what Punk was really all about. I reckon that the fact they are still touring today shows that they firmly believe in what they are doing. With SLF it was never a fashion statement or just an escape from the factory floor, it went to the core of everything they are. There was a fantastic article in one of the Rock Magazines just after they released their 2015 album No Going Back. The journalist who slated them in a review got a call from lead vocalist Jake Burns. The journo says he shat himself when Jake and asked him to meet him down at a nearby pub to discuss the review. Given Jakes’ reputation as a hard man the guy was expecting the worst. When he walked in Jake bought them both a pint and then said something along the lines of “So tell me what you don’t like about this album”. According to the journalist they had a long discussion with Jake explaining things and answering questions and by the end of the evening the journo just couldn’t help raving about what a rock solid regular guy Jake Burns is. That story pretty much summarises what Stiff Little fingers are about, no bullshit, tell it like it is and bring everyone along with you. And after the Paris terror attacks in 2015 who was the first band to play again in Paris….yep, Stiff Little Fingers,