Detroit Rock City


The book details the importance of Kiss in my life.  They were the first band to turn my world upside down.    The importance of Kiss in TSORR is immeasurable, without Kiss maybe none of this would have happened.  Detroit Rock City was the  first song I ever heard by Kiss and nothing would ever be the same.

Destroyer was the 4th studio album from Kiss so I was behind on this one. The Alive! Album had really put them on the map and for Destroyer they decided to use Bob Ezrin to produce. The album was different to the older albums, the songs were better and it was more polished. Destroyer set me up for Kiss Alive II which was just amazing. By now the band were already having problems and had released solo albums, Dynasty and the Elder were still coming *shudder*. Regardless of some of the misses the hits make Kiss one of the most important bands in my life. With Kiss it wasn’t just the music it was the larger than life characters. In the same way as the Beatles the 4 characters were instantly recognisable and everyone had a favourite.