The Asylum Kids

Along with Wild Youth and Dog Detachment the Asylum Kids were the SA punk bands that were just kicking it up at the time.  You could catch them at the various Varsity Rag days but I never had the pleasure of seeing them.  Once Robbie Robb left to form Tribe After Tribe I saw him a lot.

This song is a classic, the lyrics are just the best. When Robb spits out ”It’s where I learnt birth control, staring at the principle” it cracks me up every time. There isn’t a lot of material available on The Asylum Kids but this clip is pretty good as a reminder of how things were. It’s clear from the photo’s alone that Robbie Robb was a permanently pissed off guy as I mention in my book. Robbie moved to the US after Tribe After Tribe folded and seems to spend his time hanging out with guys from Pearl Jam and playing in with their bassist Jeff Ament in a band called Three Fish.