South Of Heaven


I confess that when I first heard Slayer I didn’t get it.  Reign In Blood was just too fast and too atonal, basically too shouty.  I wanted to like it but I like melody and harmony  and this just seemed like fast noise.  ‘Angel of Death’ is a metal masterpiece but at the time it was just too brutal for me, the subject matter was a bit nauseating.  I wanted to love Slayer but just was having a hard time finding a way in.  The way in was South of Heaven on high volume at the Irish Club in Hillbrow in 1988.

Slayer today are probably one of the most important metal bands ever. Much like Motorhead in their day, Slayer didn’t compromise and they ensured that you always had something to play when people who shouldn’t be listening to heavy metal started to think that they actually liked it. South of Heaven is a masterpiece and sounds as good today as it did when it was released. All Hail the mighty Slayer.