Pink Floyd: Featuring the universally undisputed greatest solo of all time.

Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd
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As far as guitar solo’s go Dave Gilmour’s solo on Comfortably Numb is pretty much universally accepted as the greatest of all time. It would be remiss of me not to have it safely tucked away on this site somewhere. The trick with this solo really is the amount of feel that Dave Gilmour has. It sounds fairly simple but when you get into it it isn’t. There are long slow bends followed by blindingly quick phrases that tie you up in knots if you are mad enough to try it. It works so well because it builds all the way through into a whole lot of double stops and then he hits that high B at the end and closes it out in the most perfect manner ever.

This is the long version with an extended solo and one of the last times that Rick Wright would appear together with Waters and Gilmore. It is sublime. The first solo kicks in at [2:03] and then the great final solo at [4:34]. If aliens find us one day they need one place to go to online where all the greatest rock and roll resides. This is the purpose of The Story of Rock and Roll website, one place for aliens to get educated 🙂