Kreator: Proper metal at last, the world needs more of this.

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It’s going to take a lot to top Kreator’s God’s of Violence as being the best Metal Album of 2017. It’s got everything, it’s fast, its tight and the twin guitar solo’s work together with the speed and aggression of Slayer and the harmonic perfection of Judas Priest. Bands like Kreator will never be mainstream, they fly the flag from the deep nether worlds of Metal. It is brutally good, Kreator get you back to how powerful Thrash Metal was when you first heard it. They do exactly what they have always done and it is marvellous. With so much crap out there it’s easy to forget what Metal is actually about so thanks to Kreator for reminding us. This is German Metal at it’s finest. I thought ‘Fallen Brother’ was a bit of a mellow track so I added ‘Satan Is Real’ as well under the main pic in the blog. Just click on the Demon