System of a Down

System of a Down are a very special band. Sometimes there is a chemistry between band members that makes them unique, bands like Queen, Rammstein and Van Halen have their own sound and its these bands that really drive the music forward, they spawn imitators but they are totally original. System are one of these bands. When their eponymous debut was released it was a real ”what the fuck is this type album”, it was amazing, For my money it will always be their finest album, it is so raw and politically charged. These okes put Armenia on the rock and roll map

It’s a great pity that we are not getting any new music from SOAD. There have been a number of false alarms but apparently the guys are so far apart musically that they just can’t get it together with anything new. It’s a real pity because the world needs this brand of politically charged high velocity weirdness. The first album is off the charts excellent, start there if you don’t know them.