The Ace Of Spades


Motorhead are and will always be an iconic band.  It’s all about Lemmy and that larger than life character that he was.  Lemmy knew everybody and they all knew him. In the hundreds of articles and stories I have read about him over the years it’s always the same, the guy was intelligent, straight talking, well mannered and possibly one of the greatest reprobates the world has ever seen all done in a totally unique one of a kind way.  I am sad he is gone but I am happy that he lived probably one of the best lives one could possibly wish for.  Lemmy won, the dude beat the system RIP.

This is the classic Motorhead song so even though I am talking about Iron Fist at this stage of the book the point is that when you talk Motorhead you have to talk Ace of Spades. There is not much to say, let the original line-up do their work.