Cowboys From Hell


Nothing could compare with the power and aggression of Pantera.  When Cowboys From Hell came out in 1990 they literally saved metal.  Dime and Vinnie were still old school Van Halen style rocks stars but Phil was an anti-hero and arguably changed the whole metal frontman image from long haired good looking poser to brutal street fighter.  No more spandex or even leather, now it was baggy pants and lumberjack shirts or no shirt.  No-more long hair, now it was shaven heads and muscles.  His vocal style was totally different to the guys that had preceeded him and the lyrics were about hate rather than love.  Phil was not a happy guy and it shone through beautifully.

In The Story of Rock and Roll I explain in some detail the impact Pantera, and specifically Dime-Bag Darryl had on me as a guitarist. Basically that was the point where I just gave up. What was the fucking point, all those years of practicing and then there is this fucking guy