Halestorm: How to build relationships and get closer to your kids

Music is a powerful force, this whole site is dedicated to it. Rock and Metal shaped my life and is the backdrop to everything I do, that is really what The Story of Rock and Roll is about, using the music you love to relax, to party, to work, to think, to inspire and to focus. I guess it’s as close to a religion as I will ever have. One thing where it is more powerful than anywhere else is when it comes to building relationships. I have got jobs because of music, I have life long friends because of music and I have a daughter who shares this unbreakable bond with me.

Tiya and I discovered Halestorm about 5 years ago and this song became our theme song. If we are sitting in Planet Rock speaking kak and it’s 3 a.m. and time to pack up we invariably play this song and it never fails to spark emotion and a deep family bond. I am very fortunate (so is she haha ) but it will always be songs like this that remind us of just how strong that bond is . I suggest that you use this, or songs like it, to get closer to your kids, obviously its even more effective if you’ve had a few beers and been listening to the best music in the world for 10 hours. Here’s To Us my Golden Child