Audioslave: Synergy, what it really looks, sounds and feels like

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Out of the ashes of Rage Against the Machine came Audioslave. The inclusion of Sound Garden’s Chris Cornell behind the mic answered a question I had always wondered, ”What would Rage Against The Machine sound like with an incredible vocalist and with a little less rapping?”. Basically that is exactly what Rick Rubin wondered as well and he is credited with putting the RATM boys; Morello, Wilk and Commerford together with Cornell.

To me Audioslave were a wonderfully synergistic entity where the they got all the best parts of both RATM and Sound Garden. Seven years and 3 albums is all we got but they burned bright during that brief period. RATM have reformed with original vocalist Zack de la Roche and Chris is back in Sound Garden so basically music lovers scored here, we still have the bands we loved but we got Audioslave as a bonus.

Tom Morello has gone onto great things and until recently was an integral part of Bruce Springsteen’s band. He is one of the few guitarists around these days who sounds totally unique and unconventional. I couldn’t choose between these two video’s so I included both, the second one is played if you click on the picture above the video.