Bruce Springsteen: Born to run, seasons greetings 2017 and we’ll run some more

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen will always be a god to me. The man just embodies the spirit of rock and roll, he just has that everyday blue collar, working man against the world, ethos. I reckon whatever Bruce decided to do he would have made a success of it, Shop Steward, Factory Worker, Policeman , Firefighter, US marine or President of the United States, he just hits a chord that few can strike…..a chord in the mind, heart and soul not just chord on a Fender Telecaster (yes i know the history of that guitar and how its not really fully a Tele etc.).

The point is that to me Bruce just symbolises everything about rock and roll, and in the end we are all just ‘Born to Run’. It’s 4 hours before midnight 2016 and who knows if I’ll still be posting same time 2017 so if I had to pick anyone to close out the year it’s The Boss ‘Nuff said !