Fokofpolisiekar make grown men cry

When FPK arrived on the scene in the early 2000’s they hit me and my mates like a ten ton heavy thing. We absolutely loved everything about this band. The debut album As Jy Met Vuur speel Sal Jy Brand was simply incredible. The track ‘Hemel Op Die Platteland’ was a great slab of fast, high energy rock and it was a stand out track on the album with its incredible lyrics all in Afrikaans ”Kan jy jou ideea van normaal by jou gat opdruk kan jy apatie spel”.

A few years later they did it again but this time they did it acoustically and when me and a mate saw the video at about 5:45 am we just couldn’t believe what an affect it had on us. It was like going back in time to a world that no longer exists. A whole video of photo’s and video of white middle class family life, gardens and plastic chairs, rugby, braai’s and seaside holidays, drummies and then the army stuff, parabats coming out of the sky. Having lived through all this shit it just hit a chord where we realised that no matter what, the wrongs and the rights, the ideologies and the crime that was apartheid, for a while we were all that there was between the world we are in now and a communist ideology that was pushing hard to infiltrate the country.

This video is powerful enough to bring a tear to your eye if you were a certain age, so much so that when my daughter who was about 6 at the time woke up early and came through she said ”Are you guys crying”? to which I obviously responded ”No of course not love, guys don’t cry”. Respect to FPK for this one.