Uncle Tom's Cabin


Warrant were the prototypical 80’s hair metal band.  They had it all – the look, all bright colours and make-up, the big hair and pretty faces and they certainly had the songs.  Through a combination of relentless touring and MTV saturation bombing they rose to great heights in the late 80’s and this culminated in the release of their wonderful second album Cherry Pie.  Unfortunately it was pretty much all downhill from there.  With the advent of grunge all the hair metal bands were dead in the water within 12 months and then tragically lead singer Jani Lane died of acute alcohol poisoning in 2011.

‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ is a fantastic track, the intro swamp blues guitaring was played by Jani’s brother and it set the song up for a huge barrage of heavy guitaring when the song kicks in properly at [1:04] in the video. This needs to be turned up loud.