The most influential band in South Africa is how I would describe Fokofpolisiekar.  The impact they had on teenagers and specifically white Afrikaans teenagers is massive, as could be seen by the proliferation of copycat bands in the mid 2000’s .  This is well documented in the Story of Rock and Roll so I won’t go into it here but just know that you are listening to one of the finest bands the country has ever produced in terms of originality, perseverance and a fuck you we’ll do it our way attitude.

This video is one of the most original and clever things I have ever watched. Filming a rugby match that turns into a fight in the rain is something so simple and so obvious in a South African context yet no-one had ever done it before. If you ever played rugby at school or club level you will be smiling at this video the moment someone straps a spanner to their arm. We have all met the ref with the snor at some stage in our school days. Sheer fucking brilliance.