Monkey Wrench

The Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters have become one of the greatest rock acts in the world.  They have a load of haters for some reason but to they have just improved with every album.  It is safe to say that when Nirvana died with Kurt no-one really gave the Foo’s any chance at all.  Dave was the drummer for the Foo’s and he was highly rated for that, now he was going to start his own band and instead of drumming he became guitarist and front man.  It is a testament to the sheer talent of the man that he could be in two of the most successful bands in the world in two completely different roles.

There are so many Foo Fighters video’s to choose from you can just stay on the site and just keep going but I put this up because I really dig the rant that Dave has in the bridge at [3:10] it is the a perfect bit of rock and roll it came about as a result of the a failed relationship that ended in a divorce. Everyone should know these words off by heart, they make breaking up easy, OnelastthingbeforeIquitIneverwantedmorethanIcouldfit……. try do it without breathing 🙂