Marilyn Manson: You gotta love that weirdness

Marilyn Manson
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Not everyone’s cup of tea but Marilyn Manson changed the face of music for a while. He did what Alice Cooper did in the early 70’s i.e. freak people out. The more parents and politicians called for his banning the more the kids loved it. Personally I loved MM, he was a breath of fresh air and managed to incorporate all that glam and shock with a heavy dose of the ghastly and the gross. He mixed around the gender roles and boiled in a pot of blistering Heavy metal, for this he should be thanked and applauded. The funny thing is that although Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood, well through to The High End Of Low actually, were stellar albums he also managed to really do some classic covers. Manson was able to take some really good songs and make them his own which is why I have put Sweet Dreams & Tainted Love up here. The one thing that always shines through with Marilyn Manson is his obvious intelligence, he does what he does with a unique combination of tongue in cheek and conviction. Like David Bowie his focus on image and mixing and matching styles and continually shifting was fascinating to watch. He goes from leather and rubber to stockings and suspenders and out through the other side to aliens and suits & ties. He’ll mix up wedding dresses with prosthetic limbs and scary dentistry with flowers and hats, you gotta love that weirdness. His autobiography The Hard Road Out of Hell is a gripping read and not for the weak. Fucking love Marilyn Manson.