The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show: S3E2

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast

Season 3 Episode 2 of The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show was broadcasted live on Rebel Rock Radio between 7 and 10 pm on Thursday 27 August 2020.  It took place from behind the bar in Planet Rock and it was one of the most enjoyable shows I have done in ages.  The music was really great we had everything from Slayer to Lita Ford.  Most of the technical problems have been resolved and the odd mistake is rooted in stupidity more than anything else.  For example, I have sorted out the monitors and can listen to the show without the headphones but there is a delay so when the song ends on the monitors its already been over for a few seconds in the headphones, you may hear one or two of those lapses, but I the words of the Who I “Won’t get fooled again”.   

The show kicked off with Iron Maiden and a Live version of ‘The Number of The Beast‘, and the front row was filled out by ACDC and Metallica with ‘The Thing That Should Not Be‘.  Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown sounded particularly cool as did Dino Jelusic’s outfit Animal Drive.  The new Bush album got another airing with a track called ‘Send in the Clowns’ which reminded me of parliament.  Oasis made a welcome return as did Alice in Chains with ‘Rain When I Die‘.  It was also lekker to catch ZZ Top’s ‘Big Shiny Nine‘. 

I am still not happy with the microphone and I’ll have to do a bit more work, it’s better but not right.  As I said last week, I suspect you are here for the music not to hear me talk kak and the music sounds great so it’s all good.  The highlight of the show for me was Heaven Shall Burn with their epic dual-language masterpiece Expatriate.  I advised pulling up the lyrics before I played it, the German part, in particular, is powerful as Thanos.  Other than that we had Johnathan Martin, The Uninvited and The Springbok Nude Girls representing South Africa, Scorpions for Germany, Oasis for the UK and plenty of USA in the form of Mötley Crüe & Megadeth.  There is so much here, a 3-hour show is fantastic.  The big trick was to get the ending right because the show kicks out at exactly 10 pm and it will cut off even the lord’s prayer.  I nailed that sucker and you get the full song.   

Artists featured:  Mötley Crüe, Halestorm, Scorpions, Manowar, Bruce Springsteen, Animal Drive, The Uninvited, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Tom Petty, Johnathan Martin, Soundgarden, Adrenaline Mob, Megadeth, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, ACDC, U.D.O., Sebastian Bach, The Gaslight Anthem, My Chemical Romance, Lita Ford, Avenged Sevenfold, ZZ Top, Queensrÿche, Slayer, Oasis, Cinderella, Bush, Trouble, Wonderboom, Springbok Nude Girls, Blink 182, Heaven Shall Burn, Texas Hippie Coalition, We Are Harlot, Joe Jackson, Alice in Chains, Neil Young