Neil Young – Hey Hey My, My: Icons come in many forms

Neil Young
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Neil Young is someone you either get or you don’t, if you get it he becomes one of the greatest people on the planet and if you don’t…well then you fucking won’t be reading this will you 🙂 He invokes very strong emotions in people as to what sounds good and what doesn’t but to me he is the whole package, multi-instrumentalist, prolific song writer, one of the greatest lyricists ever and a man with so much passion that he just draws you into what he is doing. He is an artist with so many different facets from country acoustic to overblown father of grunge rock, it’s all there somewhere. Personally I like the overblown rock Crazy Horse stuff the best and there is nothing better than Neil rocking out with an insane solo. Just look at the audience and you’ll see just how he sweeps people up. He is an icon and his longevity and the respect with which he is held in the music business just prove the point. So here he is, the man himself.