Baby Murdered Me

Springbok Nude Girls

The Nudies were the best band in the country by a mile for a few years.  We used to watch them at places like Mercury Live or the River Club and they were fantastic….. or they weren’t.  It just depended on what happened on the night.  Sometimes they would play the most obscure stuff that they had written but no-one knew, other times you would know the words to every song.  It was a strange mix of music because of the combinations of metal guitar with keyboards and trumpet.  Without doubt Adriaan Brand’s contribution to the band was massive.  Like all really unique and brilliant bands it was an incredible mix of talents and personalities.  When they were on form they were untouchable.

‘Baby Murdered Me’ got awarded best guitar solo of 1997 in my annual ‘James’ awards and it was the highlight of this already phenomenal song. Theo always bought their songs to life with some incredible fretwork. He had that unique ability to put in a solo that really made a song and became part of it. I always said that if people can sing the solo then you have got it sorted. Waiting for a solo is one of the most pleasant experiences any true music lover can go through and this is one of those songs. Check it out at [2:42], Theo lets it run in the most perfect demonstration of controlled out of control / borderline out of tune way and then pulls it all back into together and channels it through a master class of shred and sustain. I have no words \m/