The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show: S6E12

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast

Episode 12 of Season 6 went out live at 19h00 on Rebel Rock Radio on 23 March 2023.  Guns ‘n’ Roses were first up with 14 Years, closely followed by Great White and a track off Hooked called ‘South Bay Cities’.  Megadeth’s ‘Victory’ off Youthanasia made it a bit heavier but them we mellowed out again with Free and a track called ‘Heartbreaker’.  We stayed mellow with Gov’t Mule’s ‘Kings Highway‘ and then picked up the pace with Danko Jones and Van Halen.

We got heavy with Annihilator and spent some time discussing the guitarist Jeff Waters and marvelling at just how great and overlooked he is.  There was also new stuff from Rival Sons and Buck Cherry.  Both albums are to be released in April from what I have heard.

The Jackson Colt interview was really cool, I loved talking to him and the new track ‘Strangers‘ boasts an amazing solo, which is worth focusing on.  SA Rock is alive and well, we continued with another track from Second Chapter the new release from Jack Hammer Band, then Wonderboom with the uber classic ‘Never Ever Ever Ever‘.  From there we went deep on the lyrics with Arapaho and Wicked Wonder.

This weeks Immortals track was ‘Machine Gun‘ recorded Live at the Filmore East.  According to Classic Rock it is Joe Satriani’s favorite Hendrix track, who are we to argue with Joe.  The Ultimate Challenge between QueenNight At the Opera, Led ZeppelinPhysical GRaffiti, Kiss – Alive! and Bruce SpringsteenBorn To Run ended up with led Zeppelin getting  a few more votes than the others.  The 20th century me would have taken Kiss bt the 21st century me picked Born To Run.  The highlight of the show was taking a listenn to the brand new Extreme track called ‘Rise‘.  A lot of people (Rick Beato, Phil X, Steve Lukather, James Daubeney:-)) are talking about Nuno Bettencourts solo on this.  It is so good we played it twice.  The end of the show was nice and heavy playing out with The Agonist, Arch Enemy, Hell Yeah and Malevolence.

Artists featured:  Guns ‘n’ Roses, Great White, Deep Purple, Megadeth, Edguy, Free, Gov’t Mule, Danko Jones, Van Halen, Annihlator, Buckcherry, Billy idol, Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons, Bernie Tormé, Girish and the Chronicles, Tesla, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Jackson Colt, Jack Hammer Band, Wonderboom, Arapaho, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Extreme, Joe Bonamassa, The Agonist, Arch Enemy, Hell Yeah, Kid Rock, Malevolence

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