The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show: S2E16

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast

Recorded at behind the bar in Planet Rock on 31 July 2020 this is the 3rd episode away from the radio station.  Consequently, it has one of those little parental guidance stickers we used to use to look for to help us choose great records back in the ’80s.  The sound problems are pretty much sorted out, the only niggle is that the mic seems to have a small delay before the volume settles.  I am not worrying too much, I am sure you are here for the music, not the chatter.

This week we had a mixed bag of rock, metal, ballads and blues.  We kicked off with Def Leppard’s Demolition Man and then followed up with The Dead Daisies, Doug Aldrich‘s latest home.  Other amazing guitarists to be found on the show include Jason Hook, Rory Gallagher, Lt. Joe Satriani, Tony Iommi, Mathius Jabs, and Ace Frehley.  We let Anti-Flag and the Ramones take care of the punk.  The SA music was supplied once again by Fokofpolisiekar and then also by The Burning.  the third local track was the highlight of the show for me.  It’s a track called Porsche Roller, a one-off demo featuring the voice of Jack King Lawless, the prodigious talents of Adam Thomas and the guitar work and songwriting of yours truly.  What’s the point of having a podcast if you can’t play your own shit 🙂

 Check it out, let me know on TSORR Facebook page if you have any comments and check out the guitar work on Rock and Roll Angel.  I am finding that the absence of the live radio environment has a massive drawback in that it leads to overthinking.  I am committed to avoiding this pothole and just recording and releasing exactly as it happens.  

Artists featured:  Rose Tattoo, Kreator, Kiss, Def Leppard, Rory Gallagher, Anti-Flag, The Winery Dogs, The Dead Daisies, Ramones, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani, Rival Sons, Cold Chisel, Fire Horses, Fokofpolisiekar, Extreme, Thin Lizzy, Scorpions, Heaven & Hell, Halestorm, Motorhead, Buckcherry, Clutch, David Bowie, The Burning, The Four Horsemen, Accept, Five Finger Death Punch, TSORR, Rock Radio, Best show for rock