Season 2 Episode 10 of The Story of Rock and Roll radio show aired at midnight on 6 March 2020. I’d had a crap day so 2 hours of rock and metal which turned largely into Metal went down very well. From the get-go the WhatsApp line was alive which always makes a huge difference to the energy. A big thanks to all of those who “listen live”, it was technically flawless I might add. The show felt more metallic than normal, at one stage, we had Slayer, Testament, Cradle of Filth, & Annihilator almost in a row, but I am getting ahead of myself.


The show started off with Led Zeppelin off Led Zep II, recorded back in 1969 it sounded amazing, it hasn’t aged at all. Then it was time for some Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. The local music got in early on this show, 5 songs in and we already had Springbok Nude Girls with ‘Bubble-gum On My Boots’ and from there we took a listen to ‘London Lady’ by The Stranglers. There is no doubt that The Stranglers and Stiff Little Fingers are two of the most popular bands with TSORR listeners. Anything off Rattus Norvegicus gets the WhatsApp line raving instantly.


One of the highlights of the show was Marilyn Manson into Slayer, which worked out brilliantly. Another one was checking out the breakdown at [2:20] into The Attitude by Annihilator. Their new album Ballistic Sadistic is the Best Metal album of the year so far and it’s going to be pretty hard to beat. I struggled to find something for this week’s Songs Greater than Seven Minutes feature, nothing seemed to fit and I was ping-ponging between Dire Straits Telegraph Road and Opeth The Drapery Falls and couldn’t get a good feeling so I settled for something slightly under 7 minutes in the form of Cradle of Filth with Her Ghost In the Fog, clocking in [6:25]. Other than that it was pretty much what you would expect from the show, except near the end I crammed it a whole lot of 3 min songs: Jet, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Skid Row, Reef, The Stones, and Motörhead, which pushed this episode to the top of the pile when it comes to number of songs played in a show.


Artists featured in this Podcast: Whiskey Myers, Skindred, Ozzy Osbourne, Testament, Slayer, Jet, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, The Pretty Reckless, the Springbok Nude Girls, Paul Stanley, Live, The Rolling Stones, Linkin Park, Cradle of Filth, Five Finger Death Punch, The Stranglers, Alice in Chains, The Offspring, Reef, Dead-line, Last in Line, Marilyn Manson, Piet Botha, Stiff Little Fingers, Green day, Annihilator & Skid Row

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Episode 35 of the Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show aired at midnight on 6 September 2019.  It was a great episode even if I do say so myself.  I had exclusive permission to feature a track off Headed to Hell the new album by East Rand rock stars The Burning, it sounded fantastic and the comments on the WhatsApp line were overwhelmingly positive.

I played some more from the Bite! album by Animal Drive! and also can’t get enough of Warpaint the new Buckcherry album.  Jethro Tull & The Rolling Stones sorted out the 50 year old music and Cold Chisel and ACDC did the honours for Australia.  Burning Witches represented the ladies and we had my besties Van Coke Kartel and Johnathan Martin in the local slot.  The Clash gave us the requisite bit of Punk Rock and then we had the third edition of the Long Live The Loud feature, two tracks suggested by my mate Marq Vas.  All in all, it was a total jol and as usual, I ran out of time.

Bands featured on this episode included: The Burning, ACDC, The Cult, Van Halen, Q5, Volbeat, Buckcherry, Ian Hunter, Animal Drive, Mouthful of Flies, Faster Pussycat, Gary Moore, Burning Witches, Johnathan Martin, Cold Chisel, The Clash. Kiss, Judas Priest, The Rolling Stones, Overkill, Van Coke Kartel, Jethro Tull, The Darkness & Manowar

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In the words of a listener, The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show: Episode 29 was “really cool, good energy”.  I have to agree wholeheartedly.  The show was recorded at midnight on 26 July 2019.  It was probably one of the first shows to wish Mick Jagger a very happy 76th birthday.  We played ‘Bitch’ to celebrate, taken from the Live in Atlantic City album.  The show kicked off with Metallica and we didn’t stop rocking for  the next two hours.  There was a wonderful part where we went from Slayer to Dylan and it was like someone had poured cool water over the entire world.  It felt like the whole planet was on fire and then Bob came and soothed our souls.  Another great part was listening to Put That Record On by Hinder where Austin Winkler sings “I know it’s only rock and roll but it’s the soundtrack of our lives”.  Those words sum up the whole ethos of the Story of Rock and Roll, this music is important, we love it and it is indeed the soundtrack to our lives.

Artists featured on Episode 29 included Metallica, Skid Row, Jack Hammer, Bush, Judas Priest, Halestorm, The Police, Mustasch, Rush, Sammy Hagar, Aerosmith, Jerry Cantrell, The Rolling Stones, Matthew Good Band, Slayer, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Kiss, Tesla, The Uninvited, Madness, Austin Gold, Cold Chisel, Avenged Sevenfold, Windowpane and Hinder.  As usual I was out of time and I played out with an amazing new track by The Wildhearts called Let ‘Em Go , which cut off due to podcast length restrictions so I’ll be playing that again soon.

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The Story of Rock and Roll Show: Episode 26 was a lot of fun, it aired on 5 July 2019 after I had been in the studio for 3 hours filling in on another show.  I was pretty warmed up at the start and pretty fried by 2 am.  The show was also pretty spontaneous because when I looked at what I had planned to play nothing felt right and I had to change everything.

The result was a great mix of rock, heavy and light, fast and slow from 1970 until 2016.  It was quite 70’s weighted this week, showing once again, what a great decade it was for good music.  Bands featured included:  Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, The Stranglers, Megadeth, Parkway Drive, Journey, Twisted Sister, The Rolling Stones, Billy Squier, Anthrax, , My Chemical Romance, Kobus!, The Who, Ivan Ivankovic, Audioslave, Van Halen, Arno Carstens, Gary Moore, Sammy Hagar, Ace Frehley, Billy Idol, Pantera, Rainbow & Bush

Check it out and if you have any questions or comments about the tracks or artists featured find me on The Story of Rock and Roll Facebook page.  TSORR it’s all about the music m/

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show – Episode 21 went live from the Mix 93.8 FM studios at 00h00 on 31 May 2019.  It was great fun and includes a few classic live radio type bloopers that are left as is.  You get the show as it happened and because they are funny and we all need a laugh.  The Story of Rock and Roll Podcast , as always gives you recommended weekly dose of rock, metal, ballads and blues.  There is plenty to sink your teeth into.

As usual it’s a great mix, you will get to hear Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Danko Jones, Cold Chisel, David Bowie, Journey, Leslie West, Ace Frehley, Robyn Ferguson, Sammy Hagar, Stiff Little Fingers, Rob Zombie, Dead-Line, ZZ Top, Linkin Park, Billy Idol, Rainbow, The Rolling Stones, Rammstein, Paul Stanley, Neil Young, Rush, Kiss, 12th Avenue, & Coheed & Cambria

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