Simon & Garfunkel

Richard Cory

Simon and Garfunkel were huge in our household, Mum took these records out at the Benoni Library and we would have two weeks to listen to it to death.  My best track was Richard Cory, once again in hindsight because it was a bit heavier than the rest of the album.

If you listen to ‘Anji’ off Bridge Over Troubled Water where Paul and Art play an instrumental you just hear how well they played together. It is one of the best two guitar instrumentals I have ever heard. They are famous for their song writing and the way they harmonised but Anji really shows the chemistry they had at a guitar level. The video for Richard Cory was recorded in 1966 the year I was born. They have far more popular tracks but this one is important to me because it got me into these guys in a big way.