If this seems a bit out of place here then bear with me because it was ahuge release in 1991 which was such a good year for music and I gave it huge airtime.  I am not a big fan of U2 generally, I read a review for their debut album Boy in Scope magazine in early 1981 and the reviewer raved and wrote about it in a way that made me believe this would be my next great discovery.  Sadly that was not the case and I remember being bitterly disappointed and trying harder to like it than I should have.  They have some absoluely amazing stuff so I tend to pull that out of the rest of the more ‘Unforgettable’ songs.  Achtung Baby however is different, it’s all good.

Bono is an incredible writer and has penned some of the best lyrics in rock, this one is probably one of his greatest. It is a strange video as well which is why I like it. I am sure there are other versions of the song but I love that weirdness.