My Own Prison


Coming out in 1997 Creed got extremely popular very quickly.  They were clearly a cut above everyone else and it was really down to song writing.  When they broke up and turned into Alter Bridge with Myles Kennedy in the place of Scott Stapp they were still great but for my money Scott Stapp had something to add to the mix that Myles didn’t when it came to song writing.  I reckon that mark Tremonti wrote his best riffs in Creed and they were a really good band if you can get past the overly Christian themed lyrics.  Scott is a brilliant example of singing about one thing and then living completely contrary to what he was promoting.  Not the first time that staunch Christians have done this.

There is no weak Creed album, they were really very good. Watching this it seems to me that Scott Stapp was heavily under the influence of Eddie Vedder. That’s OK everyone is influenced by someone, so even if it a moody sulky reluctant rock star, do what works for you 🙂 Like a lot of good songs this one just becomes spectacular at the bridge at [2:05] and Tremonti hits that big G chord. If like me you find it hard to deal with the Christian stuff then it’s easy just substitute in your own god; Satan or Thor or Eric Clapton or whoever you worship, that way you can just enjoy an extremely good band.