I Wonder


There isn’t any good old footage of Rodriguez in his hey day that I could find.  The reason is pretty simple as I explain in the book, he never had a hey day because he never even knew he was a star.  Thankfully due to the efforts of Stephen Segerman he was rediscovered and not lost to the world.

The whole Rodriguez thing is so strange. Everybody knew him in the 70’s we thought he was an international superstar who had died of a heroin overdose. The truth was very different and it was only in SA and Aussie that people even knew of the oke. There are no decent video clips of him in the day and I don’t like looking at him all burnt out and old so just chill and listen to the song. If you don’t have Cold Fact in your record collection you are really slipping up. The lyrics and the simplicity of the recordings make it one of the best albums ever released in my opinion. Or if you will permit me to bastardise an old rock ‘n’ roll quotation, ‘Its fun to take a trip, put Rodriguez in your brain’