Fall Of Rome

James Reyne

I heard the video for ‘fall of Rome’ when I walked past the TV when Pop Shop which became Fast Forward was on .  I’d stopped watching because they were playing so much crap but when I heard the opening chords of this track it was a ”ain’t there one damn song that can make me break down and cry” moments.  If you really want to feel the brilliance take a listen to his track ‘Ain’t it Always the Way’ and soak up the 2 or 3 minute guitar solo on the track, a perfect example of a ”Big Chill”

Out of Aussie James Reyne was great, not a lot of people knew him but I love this album and he was like one of my secret discoveries. Looking at it now, about 25 or so years later he looks just like Shane fucking Warne, just as well we didn’t know of Shane in those days or I would never have bought it.