Cum On Feel The Noise

Quiet Riot

I got hold of Quiet Riot in early 1983 and it was the start of some golden years of metal.  Their cover of ‘Cum On Feel the Noize’ went straight to the top of the charts and the anthemic album opener ‘Metal Health’ with it’s cry of ”Bang Your Head” must have been played out of the windows of a couple of million cars in 1983.  It was a party band of note.

The influence of MTV in the 80’s cannot be over emphasised. I doubt whether any of these 80’s hair metal bands would have sold as many albums as they did without it. Suddenly rock music was in everyone’s living room. This video is pretty typical of the times and although I wasn’t getting MTV in South Africa, it’s influence was felt by the way there seemed to be a new band every month. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, the 80’s was a great time to be between 15 and 25.