The Story of Rock and Roll: S2E7

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast

Shortly after midnight on 14 February 2020 Season 2 Episode 7 aired from the Mix 93.8 FM studios deep in the heart of Midrand, South Africa.  As always it was great fun and, to put it in its historical context, we had the State of the Nation address and Valentine’s Day as a backdrop.  There were a couple more technical glitches than normal but the show still hangs together OK, you may not even notice.  One track started again and then later two tracks stopped rather abruptly and I had to deal with that.  In the spirit of good rock radio, it’s better to leave those bloopers in than to edit it, its way more natural and a lot more humorous.

We kicked off a bit differently to the usual TSORR all-out metal detonation by starting with Josh Ritter and a track called ‘For The Dogs or Whoever’.   Next up Whiskey in the Morning and then a bit of Judas Priest and some Megadeth.  Because it was 14 Feb we took a listen to Bullet For My Valentine and roared through some serious 80’s and 90’s metal.  I mentioned that although we are only 2 months into the year the honours for Metal album of the year are probably already sorted in the form of Annihilators’ new release Ballistic, Sadistic.  We took a listen to ‘Dressed Up For Evil’,  I am not quite sure what dressed up for evil would even look like but it’s a cracking good song, check out the instrumental bridge at around [1:56].  Our usual bit of TSORR Punk was covered by Anti-Flag, The Clash and Bad Religion and it was the Clash, who’s already short 1 minute and 47-second song,  was rudely cut even shorter, apologies for that.  

The new Midnight 7-Plus feature was filled this week by Great White and Rock Me, in fact, we had Rock You, Rock Me and You Wreck Me all in a row, try saying that fast 3 times.  Some more local content was supplied by The Burning, check out the podcast of the interview I did with them a couple of months back.  Herman Frank’s contribution was definitely one of the highlights of the show as was Johnathan Martin’s Liberty off his The Highway Infinity album .  Apologies to Dino Jelusic, he of the golden voice, for the tiny technical glitch and early ending on his new killer track with George Lynch of Dokken fame, I’ll play some more off that Dirty Shirley album next week.  The show ended off with a very effective quest to see how much damage I could do in 5 minutes.  The vote from the Whatsapp line was a resounding yes!  

Artists featured this week:   Motörhead, Bad Religion. Judas Priest, Rammstein, Buckcherry, Josh Ritter, Dirty Shirley, The Burning, Scorpions, The Gaslight Anthem, Bullet For My Valentine, Herman Frank, Type O Negative, Skid Row, Kiss, The Clash, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Great White, Jimmy Barnes, Megadeth, Johnathan Martin, Tom Petty, Night Ranger, Ryan Adams, ZZ Top, Anti-Flag, Annihilator