The Story of Rock and Roll: S2E4

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast

Season 2 Episode 4 played out at midnight on 24 January 2020 and it was great fun and pretty much seamless.  The show kicked off with Queensrÿche and ‘Spreading the Disease’ and then straight into Dio with The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  From there it was balls to the wall through until 2 am.  The Black Cat Bones and Fokofpolisiekar took care of the South African music, ACDC did the honours for Aussie, Accept represented Germany, Pink Floyd, and Billy Bragg were some of those from the UK, the USA was well represented as always and the colours were represented by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.     

We took a listen to a new-ish band called 3Teeth who are making waves at the moment, see what you think, I find it Marilyn Manson-ish.  After that is was the turn of a band formed in California in around 2007 called White Wizzard, the audience loved it.  It was definitely a highlight of the show, check it out, the track was called Storm the Shores and the guitar work is great.  Seether as always can be relied on to keep the show on track and then we had two tracks perfectly demonstrating one of the things TSORR radio Show is known for, notifiable guitar.  Adrenaline Mob with Mike Orlando showing us how to solo and then straight after that, no stranger to the show, Animal Bites, Dino Jelusic’s band with a proper cover version of Roxette’s ‘The Look’.  Dino’s voice is as always off the scale good and I’m not sure who is on guitar but he is all over this.   The Rolling Stones ably represented the bands formed in the ’60s and then it was time for something new on the show.  If you listen regularly you will have picked up that I am of the Van Halen school of thought i.e. that songs between 2 and 4 minutes are perfect.  Alex Van Halen once said they don’t plan it that way, that’s just how long it takes to say what you gotta say and move onto the next one.  This means that we are missing out on some good stuff so to remedy that I decided to play one 7 min or longer song per week.  The first of these was a track called A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold.  I am happy to say the WhatsApp line loved it.  Carry the Cross by Arch Enemy was exquisite, such power.     

Artists featured this week included:  Pink Floyd, ACDC, Billy Bragg, Joe Bonamassa, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fokofpolisiekar, Queensrÿche, Bruce Springsteen, Dio, Avenged Sevenfold, Accept, Green Day, Windowpane, White Wizzard, Five Finger Death Punch, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Live, Arch Enemy, The Black Cat Bones, Animal Bites,  Seether, 3Teeth, Adrenaline Mob & The Rolling Stones, 

From: James Daubeney