The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show: S5E52

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast

Finally, we reached the end of Season 5.  The final show, episode 52 went out live at 19h00 on 29 Dec 2022 on rebel Rock Radio.  At the risk of boring you all I just have to say that once again it all happened under really trying circumstances.  I hope you all appreciate the lengths I have to go through to get this show out.  The Wi-Fi has been non-existent all day, I can’t even upload the MCR Rock Review.  We have more load shedding in an hour’s time and I can’t get onto the Rebel Rock Site so I am flying blind.  That said this show is a wrap-up of all the albums we checked out this year.  Well, not all the albums because we checked out 65 new releases this year.  Out of 157 albums added this year 65 were 2022 releases.  I did my best to play you as much as possible from these 65.  

We kicked off with Halestorm and the title track of their release Back From The Dead.  From there we had Motor Sister and a track called ‘Can’t Get Enough’.  From there we listened to ‘Take What You Want’ off Diamond Star Halos, the latest offering from Def Leppard.  From there we went to Germany and took a listen to Rammstein and Sinner.  Desolation Angels out of the UK but featuring South African bassist Clive Pearson who used t be in a SA Metal band called Lynx back in the ‘80s gave us a track called Walking On Water of Burning Black.  We also heard from Tony Martin ex Black Sabbath and Joe Lynn Turner ex of Rainbow.  Both these guys put out strong albums in the form of Thorns and Belly of the Beast respectively.   

Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed both made the cut and sounded awesome.  It was time for a bit of Metal from Soulfly and a track called Ancestors and Black Butterfly from Candlemass.  After checking out some late ‘80’s early ‘90s style rock from the Dead Daisies, Skid Row, and Aussie youngsters Dead City Ruins we hit the blues with our very own Dan Patlansky whose Shelter of Bones was given the No 2 spot by Blues Rock Magazine.  The Soth African scene was also represented by L.A. Cobra, The Devil’s Party Band, Infanteria, and Diverted Disorder.    

Finally, we got to the top of the list and played out with Ozzy Osbourne, Parkway Drive, The Halo Effect, and Megadeth, and the best album of 2022 according to me went to Arch Enemy.  We had a few minutes left so we checked out with scenes from forthcoming attraction in 2023 in the form of Blink 182 and the single they dropped months ago called ‘Edging’.  See you all for 2023 and Season 6 of The Story of Rock and Roll. 

PS.  Notable mentions we just didn’t get to Keator, Slipknot, Soilwork, Ghost, and Machine Head, what a year for music.   

Artists featured:  Halestorm, Herman Frank, Motor Sister, Def Leppard, Sinner, Rammstein, Joe Lynn Turner, Nickelback, Desolation Angels, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Eddie Vedder, Billy Idol, Alter Bridge, Tony Martin, Candlemass, Soulfly, The Dead Daisies, Skid Row, Dead City Ruins, Dan Patlansky, L.A. Cobra, Scorpions, Kid Rock, Hell Fire, Infanteria, Sakis Tolis, The Devil’s Party Band, Diverted Disorder, Queensrÿche, Ozzy Osbourne, Parkway Drive, The Halo Effect, Megadeth, Arch Enemy 

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