The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show: S5E47

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast
The Story of Rock and Roll Radio ShowPodcast

Episode 47 of season 5 aired at 19h00 on 254 Nov 2022 on Rebel Rock Radio.  I was worried the wifi wouldn’t hold up with the load-shedding, but we made it.  The show kicked off with an old TSORR favourite called ‘Tres Borrachos’ by Left Lane Cruiser.  From there we took a listen to the perennial rock classic that is ‘Hair of the Dog.  Nevada Beach were up next with a track called ‘Hollywood.  Hank Decken is the main man in Nevada Beach, on guitar and vocals.  We will be taking a closer look at Hank in weeks to come because there are a lot of unsung heroes in the rock ‘n’ roll business and I reckon Hank may be one of them.  We checked out two blues giants, Rory Gallagher and Philip Sayce, but listened to less bluesy tracks for a change.  Philip may have been a bit mellow for the early stages of the show so we ramped up a gear with Black Spiders and ‘KISS  Tried to Kill Me’.  Going back to Philip Sayce for a second, make sure you check out the solo at the end, it proves my theory that the songs are just vehicles for solos like this.

We changed pace with Black Spiders and a track called ‘KISS tried to kill Me’ off their critically acclaimed (by me) album Sons of the North.  The new Soilwork is a really good album and we listened to ‘Death, I Hear You Calling’.  You may be aware I am a huge fan of Matthew Good Bands’ early work so we took a listen to ‘Carmelina’ off the Audio of Being album.  Brian Fallon’s ‘My Name Is the Night’ kept things tidy and then we floored it with In Flames and Parkway Drive.

From there we moved to an all-time South African classic by No Friends of Harry, you guessed it the one and only ‘Competition Rules’.  Wilko Johnson passed away yesterday, as a RIP we played ‘Going Back Home’ the title track of the album he did with Roger Daltrey back in 2014.  Wilko was a founder member of Dr. Feelgood with vocalist Lee Brilleaux.  Dr. Feelgood were often cited as a big influence by the UK Punk era bands such as The Jam and The Clash, so we checked out both with ‘Art School’ and ‘Drug-Stabbing Time’.  Then it was back to the stuff like The White Stripes and The Bottle Rockets.  The Bottle Rockets track ‘Radar Gun’ sent me off on a little tirade about the police in South Africa.  We went back to South Africa for a brand new track from the uber-talented Mark Haze and then we checked out some more Diverted Disorder.  The boys from the Vaal are doing good things, the album launch is this weekend.  From Diverted Disorder we heard The Cars, I shit you not, The Cars on TSORR!.  Why?  because it’s a great song, and that is why.  I totally ran out of time, we squeezed in (or is it squoze :-))? Boston, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, and a brand new track from Disturbed.   We finished off with an eight min plus live epic from Black Label Society called ‘Stillborn’.  Thanks for listening, comments welcome, catch TSORR on the website or Facebook page.

Artists featured:  Left Lane Cruiser, Nazareth, Nevada Beach, Rory Gallagher, Philip Sayce, Black Spiders, Soilwork, Tremonti, KISS, Matthew Good Band, Brian Fallon, In Flames, Parkway Drive, No Friends of Harry, ZZ Top, Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey, The Jam, The Clash, The Cult, The White Stripes, The Bottle Rockets, Texas Hippie Coalition, Joe Lynn Turner, Black Sabbath, ACDC, Motor Sister, Killit, Mark Haze, Diverted Disorder, The Cars, Bad Company, Boston, Def Leppard, Red Beans & Pepper Sauce, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Black Label Society.

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