Status Quo: One more good man down RIP Rick Parfitt

Status Quo

Sad day today 24 Dec 2016 and we have another good man down. RIP Ricky Parfitt, you were part of my Rock and Roll landscape for 40 odd years. I know it’s not going to get any better, most of these icons are nearing 70 but its sad that a band like Status Quo who were such a part of growing up will never be the same again.

Aptly named, this was a band that never changed, no-one wanted them to, they just held the perfect musical Status Quo, always solid and reliable and always perfect for lifting your spirits. Here is a classic clip from the days when they were young and vibrant and it’s good to just soak it up and remember the good times. Where ever you are heading to now Rick may you have that Telecaster with you.