Prime Circle: Yet another example of world-class talent in South Africa

Prime Circle
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Following on from the Cutting Jade post here is another band in exactly the same category although they are still pushing and grafting and gigging where as Cutting Jade are not. But the point is that these bands are as good as anything out there internationally. If Daughtry can make it then there is no reason why Prime Circle, Cutting Jade or Mark Haze shouldn’t be able to tap that same vein.

A cou[le of years ago I went to a Guthrie Govan guitar workshop and Ross from Prime Circle was there. I had a chat to him because my daughter and her friend, who were about 14 at the time, had just been to see Prime Circle the weekend at before at one of those non alcohol events for youngsters and Prime Circle had really just went out of their way to make all these star struck kids feel great. They had posed for photo’s signed things and just really connected with the fan base by making time for everyone. I said to him that it was so cool that they do that and don’t do any primadonna bullshit, just make everyone feel like they had a good time and got to meet a rock star.

Ross and I sat at the bar and spoke kak for about an hour about everything from the fan base to the music business and playing in bands. He was very honest about how he had never expected to get this far and was just so grateful to have had the success they have had. He invited me to hang out with them for the rest of the evening. You’d swear that he and I had been mates for 20 years.

My point is that just like with my daughter he didn’t need to spend a whole lot of time talking to me but he did, why ? Because some guys are just fucking nice and probably even too nice for this cut throat business. Those two experiences alone are enough to make me Prime Circle for life. Great great band.