Mama weer all crazee now


Slade are highly underrated in my opinion, in their day they were seriously heavy when compared to most of the stuff on Top of the Pops.  Noddy Holders’ rough vocals were totally out of the normal and got me preferring guys like Bon Scott and James Burns who really belted it out to some of the more melodic vocalists around.

With Slade it really is about song writing, Slade could write a hit but still keep it heavy. Your folks would call it a noise because Noddy was shouting and the guitars were heavy but it was still catchy enough to get onto Top of the Pops. Slade got a nice shot in the arm in the mid 80’s when Quiet Riot covered ‘Mama Weer all Crazzee Now’ and it was a huge hit all over again. This time it caught on in the USA which Slade themselves had struggled to do.