Limp Bizkit: The importance of eyes in a video

Limp Bizkit basically put what became known as Nu Metal on the map. Fred Durst managed to integrate a whole lot of rapping into metal but it was impossible not to like it because the guitar was good and heavy. To me Wes Borland is the reason why this band were great. His appearance at [0.16] and again at [0.32] was quite jarring because of his completely blacked out eyes. Amazing how effective something so small can be. It happens quick and for a second you wonder what the fuck is wrong with this guy, then you realise its his eyes. It’s a great video. 


Like with any new genre be it punk, hair metal, grunge, thrash, death metal or nu-metal you get some real crap as well as the good stuff. Limp Bizkit, and especially their Significant Other album showcased the good stuff. Regardless of how you feel about Fred Durst and his big mouth and all the rap imagery and attitude its a good album to listen too at high volume. I make no apologies for digging this band, at a certain point in time in the early 2000’s they were a real breath of fresh air.