Joe Bonamassa: Let’s start 2017 year off slowly, no need to run, let’s Drive

Joe Bonamassa

My close out post on this blog for 2016 was Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run but now that 2017 is on us I figure instead of running, a slightly more intelligent and mellow approach is called for…. ‘Let’s Drive’. Here’s Joe with a really cool mellow track off last years Blues of Desperation album.

He seems to like these studio clips where he has the whole band looking extremely serious and then a few interspersions of a couple driving around. It’s not riveting stuff so the solo is at 3.09 if it’s too chilled for you. I however love it, Joe just shows that he can keep it in the groove and he’s got way past showing off these days.

The alternative first clip for 2017 was Slayer’s ‘You Against You’ which is horrifically violent, we’ll try that a bit later in the year 🙂 Peace…….. for now.