Dave Lee Roth: The perfect roll model

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Dave Lee Roth is special,  I totally love him.  He is the kind of role model we all need, less political bullshit, misery and hatred and more laughter, fun and partying. I just spent a weekend reading his book Crazy From The Heat and all I can say is while we just think about it Dave fucking does it.  He is a clever guy, that may surprise you, but he just knows a lot if stuff because he is a voracious reader and has an inquisitive mind. He loves life and he lives it large.   Whether he is working as a paramedic in the emergency room at a New York hospital, climbing Kathmandu or rowing down the Amazon it’s always a learning experience and a huge party.

Dave does shit we all should be doing, he hires an entertainment director who’s job is to ensure there is a party wherever he goes. They set up parties in car parks, in Clubs or on the beach, they build special mobile units, giant mobile cupboards on wheels that have big speakers, blenders for drinks, flashing lights and booze on tap. You roll out the cupboard wherever you are and everything needed for a party is right there. They invent drinks, give them names like ‘Laters’ and ‘Super Laters’ because that is what they will make you tomorrow. There is never a dull moment in the life of Dave Lee Roth, he is an inspiration. I don’t like seeing Dave these days, it makes me realise I am getting old. Age is a bitch, he’s lost all that signature hair and he can’t do all those flying kicks and moves the way he used to so it is a bit sad but you have to just rejoice at what he has achieved and salute the guy that showed the world what a heavy metal front man should look and act like. Respect Dave you are truly one in 7 billion.