Come Join The Murder: The soundtrack makes the movie

Music is such an important part of movies. A good song can change a movie in ways that take you to another place. In The Story of Rock and Roll I start with a description of how The Stones playing ‘You Can’t Always Get What you Want’ changed the film The Big Chill from being interesting to being something completely special. The songs can do that. It’s the same with the final scene in Sons Of Anarchy where the whole heart-rending saga comes to an end to the soundtrack of Jake Smith aka The White Buffalo singing ‘Come Join The Murder’. Kurt Sutter, the writer of Sons, also wrote this song and its pure genius. It would hold up as an award winning video even if he’d never written the show. There are a lot of good examples of music and good TV coming together, in the final scene of yet another classic episode of Californication, Hank Moody manages to get him self beaten up by a redneck cop. Without the Warren Zevon track ‘My Shit’s Fucked Up’ it wouldn’t have the same power. I remember the opening scene of one of the 80’s cop shows which I have never been able to find again where a pyromaniac sets a warehouse alight to the back track of The Talking Heads playing ‘Burning Down The House’. Rammstein’ s ‘Feuer Frei’ completely made the Vin Diesel XXX movie as far as I am concerned, the ‘Tiny Dancer’ scene on the bus in Almost Famous was better than the movie, the list goes on. Feel free to add any good examples in the comments and I’ll see if I can dig them up.