Ace Frehley: A catalyst for a life of Rock and Roll

Ace Frehley
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Here is Ace Frehley with last years big smash ‘Fire and Water’, the old Free classic. I’ve put it up for two reasons, the first being that Paul has made it pretty clear that we are not going to see Ace back in Kiss. Kiss are touring with the line-up they have had for the last 20 or so years and they are looking forward not backwards. This means that seeing Paul and Ace togther in this video is the closest we are going to get to seeing that old chemistry back in action. You can see that they both really enjoyed this. The second reason is because I am reading Sebastian Bach’s biography and his formative years were very similar to mine in terms of influences and schooling and the one big point he makes, which exactly the same point I make in TSORR, is that Kiss really changed everything. For guys who were born in the mid to late 60’s, Kiss was the band that really set fire to the rock and roll pyre. They were larger than life, louder than life and something that 10 to 13 year old kids could just go crazy over. It was a different world in those days, we had comic books not video games and Kiss just set us free. A huge part of Kiss was the sheer charisma of Ace Frehley, Space Ace got a lot of us into guitar and he was just the coolest guy around. So here’s to Ace.